Terms And Conditions

Terms for all

1. This platform, School Books Cy, will not sell your data to any third parties.
2. We will not give out personal data such as passwords. School Books Cy is not responsible for any damages on goods a tenant might cause.
3.School Books Cy is not responsible for delivering goods. Transactions of the goods happen only between the customers and the owners of the goods. School Books Cy does not participate in the transaction of the goods.

Terms for customers

1. When you are buying a product you are considered as a customer of that product. If your order is accepted, your email, phone number and city of residence will be shared with the owner to contact you about picking up or delivering your order.

2. The billing address you add to your order will only be shared with the owner of the product if the shipping method is delivery and if the owner accepts. In this way, your data remains sandboxed and used only where necessary.

3. If there are any disputes or problems with the system please contact us.

Terms for owners

1. You can cancel an order at any time

2. If you wish to delete a listed item you need to settle any orders that include it.